• Augusta 1/2 Ironman 2015
  • Spring Fling Triathlon 2015
  • Chattanooga Waterfront Olympic distance triathlon 2015
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2016 St. Anthony Triathlon Race Report

 This was my first race in the ocean! An Olympic distance triathlon: 0.9 mi swim, 26 mi bike, 6.2 mi run. I was understandably nervous swimming in unfamiliar conditions. The weather was perfect. The winds and waves were calm. This made the swim very manageable. My goals were to not be last in the swim, and I did that. This was my first race on my new QR PRsix TT-bike. I exceeded my goal on the bike with a 20.8 mph average. On the run, I stayed strong throughout with a sub-9 min pace. Overall, I pleased to finish in the middle of the pack with this very competitive field at 62/106 age group, with a time of 2:53:00.

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2015 Ironman 70.3 Augusta Race Report

http://derrickb.com/images/Gallery/2015_IM_Augusta/small_finish_pic.jpgMy first 1/2 Ironman distance race was a success! After a season full of success and blunders, victories and panic attacks, all the hard work and sacrifices have culminated in this, my biggest race thus far. I finished with a strong time just under 6 hours, actually it was 5:59:47.


 This report will give a quick race summary, followed by a much longer more detailed report.

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2015 Richard B. Russell Triathlon Race Report


This was my third Olympic distance race, and honestly, it sucked for me!  But I survived to race another day. The swim was two (2) 750 meter loops, 22 mile bike, then the run was two (2) 3.1 mi loops.  Despite the bad swim, I will take the lessons learned and build from it as head into my main race this year, Ironman 70.3 Augusta.


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2015 Sweetwater Race Report


Sweetwater Triathlon 2015


http://derrickb.com/images/Gallery/2015_Sweetwater/Photo%20Jun%2007,%201%2039%2049%20PM.jpgThis supersprint race was big for me even though it was just a fun race for many racers. To understand why, I just need to look back to this time last year when this was my first open water triathlon. Someone metioned that I'm the only one who has ever wrote a race report for this race!  Ha!!! Well here I am again.

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2015 Chattanooga Waterfront Race Report


0.9 mi swim, 26 mi bike, and a 6 mi run. This was my second Olympic distance triathlon, and it was a breakout race for me!  It was definitely a basis for me to improve upon with confidence.  I impressed myself by achieving what I couldn't imagine myself having the ability to do: Swim a mile non-stop without a wetsuit in a race. Even though I was the second slowest in age group, I successfully completed the swim within eyesight of my competitors, allowing my bike and run to produce a strong race performance.


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2015 Challenge Knoxville Race Report


http://derrickb.com/images/Gallery/2015_Challenge_Knoxville/closeup.jpgChallenge Knoxville was an epic race for me. It consisted of a 0.9 mi swim, 25 mi bike, and 10k run. So many firsts, so many lessons learned, so there's so much to write about. Be prepared for a looong report. :) This was my first out of town race, my first Olympic distance race, first race in the mountains, first river swim and first race among pro triathletes. Just when I figured out how to successfully a sprint distance race, I am now learning how to race at a tougher level.

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